Zones Kitchen Menu

Want to spice up your dinner routine? The new Zones Kitchen menu items offer not only variety but flavour too! For those who are unfamiliar with the meal deals at Zones Kitchen, here’s a quick intro. You can get all of these dishes for around $10 or less without utensils; perfect for when you’re hungry and on the go!

Let’s take a closer look at their long and well-established history before we jump straight to the menu. Zones Kitchen was founded in 1995 by Marcus Cassius and his wife Zoe (hence the name). After opening its first store in Alabama, they went on to open 203 more locations across America.

You can start by ordering Mediterranean dishes, such as the Mediterranean Chicken Combo, Turkey Avocado Sandwich, Spinach Feta Salad, Cauliflower Rice and so much more. If you’re dining with your family then there are options for Feeding Your Family to Save Some Bucks or if you want a meal together there is Ka bobs Family Dinner, Mediterranean Chicken Family Dinner or Rolls Up Family Meal just to name a few options.

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Zones Kitchen Menu With Prices

They also provide kid’s meal options, as well as family-sized menus in their restaurants. Zoe’s Kitchen is known for its Mediterranean inspired dishes, with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. There are delivery and take out options available at all of their locations – from the menu to even just a single item!

Zoe’s Kitchen has an expansive entrée menu including Chicken Rolls, Spinach Roll-Ups, Steak Nabobs, Shrimp Ka bobs, Veggie Ka bobs, and Mediterranean Chicken. On their Hummus & Salads section you can find Hummus Trio, Live Med Salad, Chick Pea Salad & Fruit Plate and many other options. Zones also has a Pita Sandwiches section with some delicious choices including Greek Chicken Pita Sandwich or Lean Turkey Pita Sandwich.

Feed the Family

Kabobs Family Dinner$59.99
Kabob Family Meal (Small)$43.99
Kabob Family Meal (Large)$48.99
Mediterranean Chicken Family Dinner$54.99
Mediterranean Chicken Family Meal (Small)$43.99
Mediterranean Chicken Family Meal (Large)$48.99
Rollup Family Meal (Small)$43.99
Rollup Family Meal (Large)$48.99


Chicken & Orzo$4.99
Tomato Bisque$4.89
Mediterranean Lentil$4.89
Taste More: Pick Two$8.89

Take Home Tubs

Chicken SaladHalf Pint$4.99
Chicken SaladPint$8.99
HummusHalf Pint$4.69
Red Pepper HummusHalf Pint$4.89
Red Pepper HummusPint$8.49
Basil Pesto HummusHalf Pint$4.89
Basil Pesto HummusPint$8.49
Pasta SaladHalf Pint$3.99
Pasta SaladPint$6.99
Pimento CheeseHalf Pint$4.99
Pimento CheesePint$8.99
Potato SaladHalf Pint$3.99
Potato SaladPint$6.99
Seasonal Fresh FruitPint$4.69
Seasonal Fresh FruitQuart$7.99
White BeansPint$3.99
White BeansQuart$6.99
Mediterranean TunaHalf Pint$4.99
Mediterranean TunaPint$8.99
QuinoaHalf Pint$3.69
TabouliHalf Pint$3.69


Harissa Salmon$11.89
Rustic Lamb$10.59
Greek Chicken$9.59


Spicy Chicken$11.29
Kabob Combo$12.99

Gluten Free Entrees

Gluten Free Protein Power Plate$8.39
Gluten Free Quinoa Salad$7.29
Gluten Free Shrimp Kabobs$10.39
Gluten Free Greek Chicken Marinara$9.39
Gluten Free Mediterranean Chicken$9.39


Turkey Avocado Sandwich$9.39
Falafel, Lettuce, Tomato$8.99
Steak Stack$10.49
Spicy Grilled Chicken$8.89
Chicken Salad$8.39


Steak & Mozzarella$10.69
Moroccan Chicken$10.49
Spinach & Mushroom$10.19

Sides & Extras

Classic Hummus$5.59
Basil Pesto Hummus$5.69
Spicy Hummus$5.69
Chicken Salad$3.39
Pasta Salad$2.79
Potato Salad$2.79
Marinated Slaw$2.79
Roasted Vegetables$2.79
Braised White Beans$2.79
Turmeric Rice$2.79
Grilled Potato Salad$2.79
Seasonal Fresh Fruit$2.79
Side Greek Salad$4.49
Baked Falafel$3.39
Pita Bread$1.49
Pita Chips$1.49


Spicy Aioli$0.39
Lemon Herb Tahini$0.39
Salsa Verde$0.39

Zones Kitchen Franchising Information

If you want to buy the franchise of Zoes Kitchen then you’ll have to wait because they’re not providing franchises at this time.

Zoës Kitchen Contact Information

Zoës Kitchen Corporate Office Address- 5760 State Highway 121, Suite 250, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Zoës Kitchen Corporate Office Phone Number- 214-436-8765

You can also contact the team of Zoës Kitchen by using the contact form on their website.

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Zones Kitchen Related FAQs:

How long does cashew cream last in the refrigerator?

Cashew cream can last up to 10 days when stored in an airtight container and refrigerated.

Why are all-purpose flour and sugar included in the recipes?

There isn’t anything off limits when it comes to the Blue Zones Diet, and sugars and flour can be found in many traditional dishes. Of course, what matters most is your staples – beans, greens, whole grains, and nuts – which you will consume the most of if you’re following this lifestyle. If you decide that avoiding sugar or all-purpose flour is necessary for your health, then the decision should not affect how often or what types of food you eat while on this plan.

How do I store a sourdough starter?

Store it in the fridge in a sealable container with a lid.

What is wrong with my sourdough?

The instructions in Blue Zones Kitchen are written in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. As the rest of the book is written in Fahrenheit, we will correct this mistake in future editions and offer our sincere apologies for it. Start the bread at 450 °F (ca. 232 °C), reduce to 390 °F (ca. 199 °C) and then reduce again to 350 °F (ca. 177 °C). If the dough seems too dry, add more water gradually until you create a supple dough.

Final Words

As you can see, we have mentioned prices for the Zones Kitchen menu so that you know what to expect when ordering from them. We’ve also given contact information and social media links for those who want to connect with them online.